1909 A. Cometti, an electromechanical company, is born at Caprino Veronese
1970 The Giem trademark is born
1978 The Molveno Cometti trademark is born
1986 Construction of the production site at Lipova (Romania)
1987 The year in which the company was founded
1998 Acquisition of the German company Dreefs
1999 Transfer of the general headquarters to Valeggio sul Mincio
2006 Acquisition of the Italian company Signal Lux
2007 The Everel brand is born
2011 The Everel Asia Pacific Company is born
2013 Acquisition of the Mec Tronic brand
2017 Celebrating our first 30 years

Everel is a leader in the production and supply of electronic and electromechanical parts for the most celebrated household electrical appliance manufacturers and for the principal automobile producers.

Everal can provide, through its brands Molveno, Dreefs, Giem and Signal Lux, a vast range of electrical parts for the household appliances sector, including switches, selectors, signal lights, motors, heating elements and customized solutions for oven ventilation. While maintaining its focus on electromechanical items, the group also invests in products with electronic content, such as encoders and PCBs.

For the automotive industry, Everel designs and produces customized products for vehicle interiors such as switches and converters for air conditioning and door-closure systems.

Innovation, quality and efficiency are the core values with which Everel seeks to provide maximum customer-satisfaction and win the challenge of the world markets. A solid production tradition, constant quality research and constant attention to product and process innovation with dedicated investments in technology and automation: these are the key strengths that enable Everel to meet the most specific industry requirements with maximum efficiency and flexibility.