Social responsibility

In Everel Group it is possible

Each individual is responsible for the sustainability of the planet. Businesses in the coming years are called upon to find concrete solutions to urgent challenges.

We, the Everel Group, are committed to creating tools,
production processes and methods
in a much more delicate world
and poor in resources.

We, Everel Group, know that we must respect and
meet the expectations
of those who want
a more sustainable society.

In Everel Group we will be responsible
promoters  for the sustainability of the
planet and for the people who inhabit it.

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In the Everel Group, Social Responsibility is not just a slogan. We want our social, environmental and economic commitment to be concrete and tangible. Discover some of the projects we are working on.


Let's innovate and design sustainability.
Let's try and choose technologies and materials that materialize the transition to sustainability. We are committed to co-designing our products. We are rethinking the forms of extraction and use of resources and materials.


We are committed to changing our impact on the environment from negative to positive, adding value to our end-of-life products and reducing / reusing waste from our productive processes to the end of the cycles in a circular economy.


We innovate and connect the ecosystems we belong to. We want to become a value node between the excellences in the sector and the local socio-cultural fabric and to be an incubator of new technologies and opportunities.


We want to plan and measure our sustainability path.


We want to make sure that we are safe, both because of our products and for all the people who are part of our production cycle.


We want to give people the opportunity for development, personal and professional balance, equity and inclusion.

“To be sustainable for us means to be aware of our impact and to value a commitment.”

Our sustainability report is a mirror of our work ethic, our daily effort and the value of the people in Everel Group.

The complexity of the last few years has made us more aware. Today we are ready to face change with the experience of the past and with a view to the future.

Download Our 2022 Sustainability Report

Everel 4you: listening that starts from the heart

At Everel Group we believe that the well-being of the company depends primarily on the well-being of the people. That's why we created Everel4you, a project dedicated to considering internal resources. With the support of Dr. Gianpiera Marchitelli, a psychologist specializing in work and organizational psychology, we create moments of identification and advice to promote the psychophysical well-being of people, in absolute privacy.

Everel4you is designed for those looking for a moment of dialogue and listening, in order to help find concrete and new solutions aimed at personal and professional improvement.

People are the driving force behind the growth and operation of our company, so it is worth listening to and supporting.

Private partnerships that make us feel good

In our journey towards sustainability, we not only want to focus on the environmental issue, but we also appreciate the social commitment with the same power.

This intention led us to collaborate with the Onlus History Foundation, an institution that since 1978 combines tradition and innovation, just like us!

The initiatives, which have grown from year to year, aim at caring for vulnerable people in our territory.

The Historie Onlus Foundation, every day, aims to recognize the abilities and possibilities of its people, building for them a quality life project and as inclusive as possible.

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