Dreefs, the oldest brand of the Everel Group, produces over 440 million casts and welded parts per year, from 150 to 6,400 pieces per minute. Dreefs brand products, used mainly for the cooking sector, are electromechanical selectors, known on the market as CH and HE and enconders known as Codi and Minicodi.

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Dreefs Storia

Founded by Ernst Dreefs in 1903 in Marktrodach (Germany), the company of the same name was originally involved in the exclusive production of light on and off switches. In 1935 there was a change in production from switches for electrical installations to switches for household appliances.

In 1939, the reins of the company shifted to Marie, the founder's daughter, and as globalization intensified, the company shifted its focus from commodity production to custom products.

In 1996, the Dreefs brand was acquired by the Siber group, which was later incorporated into Everel. The close relationship with customers, which still allows us to reach the best possible solutions, and perforation, are the main strengths of the company.

Most of the metal components that are used for our circuit breakers are manufactured at the German plant. Investments in IT in Germany have made it possible to install sophisticated sensors on machines that make it possible to switch the system off automatically, if it does not comply with the specified parameters, and to protect the machines against damage.

SK-go central database! brings together the entire sensor system: in this sense, all the information is constantly available. This ensures real-time monitoring of the condition, speed of the machine and tools, as well as the number of parts produced, order execution times and sensor quality data.


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