Waterproof switches

Do you need an optimal switch for your outdoor equipment? Waterproof switches are the ideal solution. Thanks to their high protection against dust, moisture and splashes, they guarantee absolute strength and performance for more than 100,000 mechanical cycles.

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Functional everywhere. Discover our range of waterproof switches.

The range of waterproof switches ensures perfect assemblies and tested and reliable mechanisms. This category includes unipolar or bipolar single-button switches, and both bright and non-bright switches may be required.

The materials that make up our waterproof switches allow an ambient temperature resistance of up to 125 ° and are certified in accordance with the required regulations and in line with national reference standards, as well as subject to continuous checks. They are mainly applied to coffee machines, professional vacuum cleaners, pressure washers and industrial pumps.

If you are looking for a switch for your outdoor business, here you can find the right solutions for you, in complete safety and with a team dedicated to you and your needs.

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