Rotary switches, for switchboard or panel

Rotary switches are ideal for handling heaters, extractor hoods, vacuum cleaners, industrial pumps, ovens, mixers or more. Our switches can reach different positions and you can choose from many electrical schemes that guarantee the maximum performance of your devices.

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Control the power of the motor with our rotary switches.

Rotary switches are electromechanical switches that are put into operation by a rotary action. Three series of rotary switches are available, all three with custom and high-performance elements that can be adapted to many industrial contexts. They vary in size and number of positions to best suit your needs.

Would you like to know what the main applications are? This type of switch is often used to control engine power in some types of appliances.

Do you have doubts? Visit the contact section and our team of experts will design with you the best solution, functional for your needs and will help you customize the rotary switch with all the most suitable features.

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