Trust is our key word

Trust between people is the basis of our company philosophy. At Everel Group we cultivate every relationship, on different levels: with our employees, who are inspired by a structured and common Code of Ethics, with our customers and suppliers, with whom we create connections that last over time. We have also built relationships with non-profitĀ  organizations, universities and institutions, in line with what we promise: to build trusting relationships by bringing different universes into contact.

Listen to the people to understand their needs

We invest in research and development, constantly improving products, focusing on the concept of eco-design, so that the production chain can be considered sustainable. To do this, we have created an innovation space where we can mix people's skills and experiences.

We focus on people (approximately 700 worldwide), multiplying their value due to structured training programs, divided into different categories of interest, many of which focus on personal development.

Every year we set ourselves the increasingly ambitious goal of increasing the study hours of our employees. In 2021 there were 6,500!

We listen to the opinion of our colleagues, we encourage the use of digital tools that allow us to communicate with everyone and to be close to the needs of individuals. We build well-being together because we believe in well-being even at work.

Throughout the year, we organize events as an opportunity to get together, discuss and grow. The subject of meetings is the issues we recognize to be in our DNA, first and foremost safety at work. We are inspired by Italian and international testimonials that tell us about their experience of innovation. Our latest "invention"? Pink Plant was born in 2022.

If Everel Group aroused your curiosity and you would like to know more about us, contact us. If you think Everel Group is the right company for you, you can send us your CV by clicking here.

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