Induction motors

High performance and many years of experience characterize our induction motors. In the field of ventilation and household appliances, they meet the most varied application needs, ensuring outstanding performance even in complex situations. The wide range is provided by the Giem brand, leader for over 35 years in the production of induction motors.

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Operation and features

Single-phase induction motors are mainly used for HVAC.

What do you need? Our wide range will meet all your needs. In fact, in our catalog are available both standard versions (in different sizes, Ø 52 or 58, with double speed, as well as long-lasting versions.

To ensure the maximum safety of the device, our products enjoy thermal protection based on the impedance of the motor itself, either with the help of a thermostat or with the help of a fuse.

Do you still have doubts? Contact our dedicated team. Thanks to the experience gained over time, we can also offer you the co-design of the most suitable solution for you.

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