EC Brushless Motors

Guaranteed savings of 70% compared to more traditional engines, integrated electronics and sensors to guarantee any application. These are the EC brushless motors from Everel Solutions: a unique range of this kind.

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Low power consumption and high performance? EC brushless motors are for you

EC Brushless motors allow maximum speed control and the ability to reverse rotation; they can meet various application needs, such as fans, fan heaters, humidifiers.


Among the advantages of EC brushless motors is the presence of an electronic ticket dedicated to reducing consumption. This solution reflects Everel Solutions' commitment to sustainability and energy saving. It is used, for example, to recycle air in the presence of layer interventions on buildings, to avoid the formation of mold.

The latest generation device has humidity, presence and timer sensors; the firmware is customizable to allow seamless integration with the electronic reference device to which it is applied.

Everel has been a manufacturer of brushless EC motors for years:
for this reason, the products enjoy many advantages in terms of applicability and adaptability which have been improved over time and which are continuously rebuilt by the research team to make them more and more integrated.

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