Push button industrial switches

If you are looking for robustness, reliability and high performance, you can find them in our button switches. We offer a wide range to meet any industrial need. Thanks to the variety of models available, we customize the choice of your purchase and help you control your appliances with simplicity, with a single click.

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Click and operate your devices with button switches.

You can find them with or without LEDs, with unipolar or bipolar schemes and in different sizes.

Whether it's a mini, panelled or rectangular, each of our switches is also easy to install and connect and is perfectly suited for use:

  • in refrigerators
  • in coffee machines
  • in kitchen hoods
  • in vacuum cleaners
  • and in other small household appliances.

The rich range of accessories guarantees maximum flexibility in both applicability and use, and the customization of the button (rounded, bright, soft feeling, ..) optimizes the user experience and the interaction between man and machine. Even in difficult working conditions, the robustness and reliability of the product will support you in managing the assembly and application phases.

Are all these possibilities confusing you? Do you have any doubts and would like to know if a light signal On-Off or in a version with a button is more suitable for you? Consult with our experts: we are at your disposal to find you the customized solution for your business.

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