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The desire for the future and the constant search for new ideas and stimuli determined the creation of E-Lab, our house of innovation.

In Everel Group we decided to bet on an Innovation Lab, a space dedicated to constant study and research that leads to the creation of new intelligences for the future to come.

E-Lab is a "little house", the final destination of all our products and a symbol of a familiar space where the most challenging stories begin.

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Research and development

These are the two poles around which all the activities of the E-Lab team, made up of young professionals, revolve.

We follow the scientific method: we start from observation and arrive at the idea. We analyze the most promising trends in the market and propose new ways to achieve them. The goal is to launch surprising products on the market and innovate the functionality of traditional ones.

E-Lab is a space designed to study, browse, release one's creative potential. To do this, we enter into dialogue with start-ups, universities and research institutes, because innovation is such only if it is a team effort, for the benefit of all.

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Strategic innovation

It is about each of us, now, to build a more habitable world.

Strategic innovation within the Everel Group involves work flows, production processes and relational systems between people. For us, innovating means sharing a path of study, experimentation and awareness, which leads to more sustainable solutions, from an environmental and human point of view.

Sustainability is for us the basis of strategic innovation, a concept on which to re-found the company and lay the foundations for a shared future.

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