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Since 1903 we have been releasing the potential of electronic and electromechanical components with one click.

We offer you reliable solutions to create devices and systems for the Automotive, HVAC, Healthcare and Gardening & Outdoor sectors.


Switches, electric selectors, encoders, motors and more for various market areas: from professional dishwashers to electromedical devices. We know that without energy there is no action.

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We don't like to follow trends, we want to experience the release of innovation. That's why we turn ideas into concrete proposals in E-Lab, a forward-looking research and development lab.

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We have marked the meeting of 2030 in the agenda for sustainable development and, in order to be prepared, we have created a "green team" in the company, with the aim of making the production processes more and more circular.

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Everel Group: electromechanical
and electronic components

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100 million components produced each year
650 employees worldwide

36 registered patents

These numbers tell of the commitment, competence and quality with which we do things, day after day.

Let's be serious: all the materials we use comply with the RoHS 2011/65 / EU directive, relating to the restriction of the use of hazardous substances and the management of waste from electrical and electronic equipment.

To offer you high-performance products, we test every single component in the laboratory in compliance with international standards.

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Since 1903 we have been innovating the production of electronic and electromechanical components, intended for different markets: Automotive, Healthcare, Gardening & Outdoor, Household appliances, Heating and Ventilation.

Everel group events

New product lines, partnerships and sector events to experience together: here you can find out what we do around the world. 

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