Manifesto, click the change

" Whoever lives must
be prepared for change "
J W. Goethe

Everel is evolving to pursue its growth, reflecting the seven principles which make the company unique.


Wherever there is a need for a contact point to facilitate a task, simplify a function and put people at ease in the technological context, there is Everel’s space for action. Utility is therefore both an objective and a way of thinking, constantly looking for new ways to become synonymous with a solution in the lives of customers and all those who relate to the company.


In thinking about innovation and the future, Everel builds on a tradition and history of reliable products, distinctive skills and lasting relationships. Enhancing bonds and rewarding loyalty, always giving new life to what already exists and nurturing new relationships that grow together.


Renowned in the market for its history, Everel now wants to be recognised by a wider audience, and develop relationships with direct customers. It is therefore essential to emphasize its distinctive style through the elements of design and synesthetic care: a discreet but tangible balance, which respects the needs expressed by partners without sacrifi cing originality.


You cannot aspire to true innovation without opening up to dialogue and diversity, embracing collaboration with sometimes unexpected ideas and realities. Receptiveness and open-mindedness are essential prerequisites for questioning established habits, for cultivating bonds and trust between the players in the Everel ecosystem, and for nurturing a culture of open innovation, skills-sharing and co-planning.


The accuracy of the project and execution is an undisputed key principle. Everel can draw on a wealth of experience and knowledge that is diffi cult to equal and engages all its mastery in defi ning every little detail of an idea. This attention to detail also manifests itself in customisation, with the ability to let the personality of others shine, through skillful fi nishing touches.


Sustainability is no longer optional. Everel wants to embrace this challenge and to embark on a path of growth - its own and that of the whole sector - to create a virtuous circular economy. Co-design must always be eco-design, and modularity must become the key, so that, in future, the whole supply chain is sustainable.


The simplicity and ease of use of the products are Everel’s hallmarks, right from the start, and must continue to be so. More and more they will extend to become the cardinal principles in all company relations, both internally and externally, translating into honesty and transparency in relationships and communications.

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