Hairdryer switches

Certified and guaranteed, our hair dryer switches are a must with a switch available in up to three positions. In the specific case of the intended use for hair dryers, we offer both single pole and double pole solutions with different designs, managing to cover the needs and adaptability of these small appliances.

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In the heart of the hair dryer.

Designed exclusively for the intended use of hair dryers, the switch type is a rocker with three stable positions for controlling motor speed and resistor power. And you, what model do you need?

Thanks to the Molveno brand guarantee, the hair dryer switches are one of the emblematic products specific to the Everel Solutions range. Each of the supplied components guarantees excellent performance for high temperatures and high performance of up to 50,000 cycles. In addition, these switches provide complete safe control of the device. Each product is also designed in terms of design and aesthetic design to make the most of your small home appliance. Each interface is also designed to meet the tastes and needs of professionals in touch ergonomics.

Come and discover our range!

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