Industrial microswitches

We have been a leader in the supply of circuit breakers for the most varied application needs in the household appliances sector for over 40 years. With more than 5 billion parts sold worldwide, our company is synonymous with reliability and experience. What differentiates us? Continuous research and always looking ahead to the future.

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The world's best-selling electromechanical switch

Recently, microswitches have become part of our family of switches. They are available in two different types: Basic and Miniature.

Microswitches are often applied to small objects that are parts of everyday life, such as a hair dryer or an iron. Want to know all the possible applications? Contact our experts for further information.

Particularly suitable for industrial applications and the automotive industry, despite the apparent fragility of the switch, microswitches are a suitable solution for electrical component circuits. Depending on the size of the product, you can use the Micro solution or, in the case of smaller product sizes and ratings, the miniaturized one.

At Everel Solutions we want to make your projects unique and better. For this reason, for microswitches we rely on the skills of the Zingear brand, which has been dealing with their products for years with extreme professionalism.

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