Rocker switches

Luminous or not, with two-tone, water-resistant button: what model are you looking for? We offer you a complete range of toggle switches, with standard dimensions and customizable  according to your needs, suitable to support a large number of electromechanical cycles.

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Rocker switches: the most popular due to their reliability and ease of use.

For this type of switch, the keyword is simplicity. With a single click, it allows the on-off function; basically all small household appliances (coffee machines, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, ..) and in many industrial environments. We have a wide range of rocker switches available, which are distinguished by:

  • the types of materials used
  • dimensions (mini, ultra-thin, ..)
  • colors
  • brightness
  • flow (amperage / voltage)
  • and other features.

Anti-spray solutions with PVC cover as well as various water protection systems are also available. Thanks to our experience, we can offer standard switches, but we also guarantee a very high level of customization, to adapt our solutions to all your needs and applicability.

Want to know which custom template is best for you? Our team of experts is available to design and imagine the future with you.

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