GIEM, with us

Founded in Cazzago San Martino in the province of Brescia in April 1968, GIEM takes its name from the initials of the two founders Giacomo Zamboni (GI) and Emilio Gnutti (EM). Their business began with the production of toasters, but soon GIEM also began to produce shaded-pole motors.

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The needs of the market, in 1980, determined the company to introduce the production of quartz tubes and to resume the activity with electrical resistors, which they put aside, some time before. This change of perspective also implies the diversification of productions, respectively in the Witi headquarters, also in Brescia, and Camel. The tangential, axial and quartz GIEM heating elements offer maximum reliability of use and are a valid solution for any type of application in the field of thermal ventilation. Over time, GIEM has become a leader in the supply of ventilation units: the set of fan motors and electrical resistors.

It was 1998 when the company was incorporated into the Everel group, and in 1999 the production was transferred to the EVRO plant in Lipova, Romania.

Today, Everel Solutions builds on the experience of GIEM, especially for shaded pole motors with diameters 58 and 52, used primarily for bath extractors and the BLDC version installed on decentralized VMC units. Ventilation units (fan and conveyor motors), on the other hand, are applied to domestic ovens in the cooling area at the top of the cooking chamber.


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