Signal Lux

It all started with engineer Gallone Cesare who inherited from his father-in-law a machine that produced light bulbs for Christmas trees.

His brilliant intuition was to convert this car, replacing filament bulbs with gas discharge ones. Thanks to this idea, he began to supply the market with household appliances with light signals.

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Signal-Lux is a brand of the Everel Group specialized in the production of switches and light signals. Brand quality and fast delivery times are the hallmarks of our company.

The company, founded in the 60's in Cornaredo (MI), started its activity by designing light production systems, introducing the electrical connection system, to offer the market the complete signal, hence the name of the company Signal-Lux.

A few years later, in 1970, the company opened a factory in Alsace in Villè, and in the late 1970s began designing tilt switches with innovative production systems, the SX8 series.

In the 1990's, Push switches were introduced to create the SXL3 series; during the same period, the flourishing expansion of the vacuum cleaner market led the founder to make products dedicated to them, signing an agreement with one of the largest suppliers of household appliances.

In 1995, the company passed into the hands of the founders' children and, at the end of the decade, the SXD1 series was developed to satisfy the coffee machine market.

In the 2000s, the market crisis and the intensification of competition from Asian countries, especially the Chinese market, forced the company to begin a process of cost reduction and simultaneous relocation of production activities in Tunisia.

Signal-Lux was purchased by Everel S.p.A. in 2007.


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