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Large and small household electrical appliances
This is our most important business area and focuses on the design and production of components and solutions for household electrical appliances. Our range includes switches, commutators, encoders, motors, resistors and warning lights. We work with the principal producers worldwide in the sector of large and small household electrical appliances.

The automotive industry
Design and production of customized products for the electromechanical parts of vehicle interiors. Our customers include the most important producers of automobile parts, and some of the leading automobile manufacturers worldwide.

Quality is an integral part of the Everel products, characterizing them from the initial project. Quality also means attention towards market requirements and, above all, achievement of maximum customer satisfaction, in terms of both products and service. All Everel products receive prior laboratory testing in accordance with the strictest international regulations, in order to guarantee their performance and the necessary safety compliance.
The materials used are all in line with the RoHS 2002/95/EC Directive regarding restricted use of hazardous substances and the management of waste deriving from electrical and electronic appliances. Everel Group’s quality management system is certified under the ISO9001:2008 regulation.