Control board with 4 "Touch" switches. Available in 5 different and customizable versions. Solution composed by plastic box, power switches on circuit board, wire harness. Motor speeds and light power controlled by separate push-button switches. Additional microswitch cut/enable the power feed. Custom plastic parts, custom key symbols, custom microswitch activation lever, different electrical configurations.

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1 switch for the under hood light power
3 switches for 3 different aspiration speeds
1 micro switch to switch off the aspiration and the under hood light when the drawer is closed
Rating: up to 8(3)A ENEC – T 110⁰ C
Rating: 6A UL – T65°C
Cycles: up to 10.000
Switch functions: SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT - momentary or not
Microswitch housing inside the plastic box
Custom microswitch activation lever
Integrated custom wiring harness
Available with electronic interface (TM4C) instead of mechanical switches

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